All hair extensions require tender care and delicate handling when combing and using them.

(1) Do not apply “just any” serum on your hair. Choose careful or better still, consult us first.

(2) Comb frequently (starting from the tips) using a very big, wide-tooth comb while focusing on the hair at the back/nape of your neck which requires more attention because of sweat build-up.

(3) Moisturize at night (only when necessary). We recommended a few good hair moisturizers.

(4) Comb hair before bedtime and cover up with a hair-net before sleeping.

(5) Never cut or allow your stylist cut your hair weft. We recommend professional tip trimming once in a while.

(6) Washing and rolling (only by a professional) should be done after 2 or 3 uses and not too frequently.

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