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At MyHair Limited, our foremost concern is customer joy and total satisfaction with every bundle of hair purchased from us. We pride ourselves with our personalised after-sales services and superb hair quality.

Our stable boasts of luxurious hair weaves, bulk braids, wigs, closures and hair care products. We offer Wigging services, after-sales services and Glam hair styling services.

Pure Virgin Untreated Hair Weaves:

Our pure virgin hair are hand-picked from different origins around the world. Not a single treatment in them. They are thoroughly washed and packed in pristine clean conditions. The wefts are impeccably done to ensure our clients get worry-free hair. Our virgin hair origins are: Indian, Brazilian, Argentine, Mongolian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, South-American and a host of others. They are available in straight, wavy or curly textures in different natural colours.

Professionally Treated Hair Weaves:

As the name implies, our range of professionally treated hair are derived from our pure virgin hair which are subsequently infused with superior and  delicately balanced hair treatments. All split-ends and shaggy tips have been meticulously evened out to derive perfect, worry-free and easy to manage hair which our customers totally love. ‎

Some of the styles available in our professionally treated hair range are: Soft Curls, Silky Soft Bounce, Spanish Curls, Full Waves, Spiral Curls, Oprah Curls,  Mongolian Straight Bangs, Mongolian Curls, Brazilian Straight, Natural Waves, Caribbean Curls/Waves and much more.‎

Closures and Frontals:

Our closures are silk-based and lace-based. They come with wide bases and well-defined partings.

Our frontals are ear to ear and provide optimum coverage.

They are all ‎made with pure, natural hair in different textures to match different weaves too.

Bulk Braids:

If you enjoy braiding your hair then you will definitely love our bulk braids hair. We stock:

  1. a) Jeri Curl braids which gives a tighter curly finishing.
  2. b) Wet and Wavy braids for a loose wavy finishing.

They both come in many vibrant colours which you can mix and match to your desired colour  specification.‎

Wigs and Wigging Services:‎

Our wigs are made with super fine, tangle-free hair. They come in glue-less and glue-on options. Made with either silk-base or lace-base closures. Our glueless wigs come with adjustable straps and optional combs inside for a better grip and smooth fitting. Our braided wigs are made with choice human hair braid extensions or regular synthetic braids extensions. ‎

Clients can order custom made wigs from our wide platter of wigging options. Our Wigging services also caters for ladies who have natural hair.‎

Weave and Wig Treatment Services:

We ‎offer meticulous after-sales hair-care services. We go the extra-mile to ensure you enjoy your hair over several years.‎ This includes washing, re-rolling, blow-drying, re-curling, re-straightening, temporary texture change, full color and highlighting of pure human hair weaves, wigs and closures (services open to hair purchased in-house or externally).

Glam Hair Styling Services:

For your special occasion, birthdays, weddings or red carpet events, we offer glamorous hair styling services (in store or home service options available). We also offer regular weave installations, styling and blow-drying.

Hair Care Products and Accessories:

We stock select hair care products and accessories ‎used for both professional and personal hair care.

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