MyHair Limited is a luxury hair company specialized in the sale of exquisite real hair that is exceptionally durable and timeless. We are highly skilled in the art of professional, custom wig-making. MyHair Career Woman is a publication by MyHair Limited which celebrates women who are breaking barriers and excelling in their careers.




Kaylah Oniwo is so many things rolled up in one. She’s a media personality, a radio host, a fashion and beauty blogger, a food, lifestyle and travel enthusiast and most of all,  beautiful inside out. Her passion for her career and positive outlook on life makes her a totally amazing person and easy to work with.

We celebrate her in this edition and we look forward to reading your views or comments via

Kudos to the team that made this edition possible:
Muse: @kaylahoniwo
Stylist: @favolugu
Photograph: @omidephotography
Makeup: @belle_bedazzled
Graphics: @emmajeff01
Editor and shoot conceptualization: Chinelo Ikeme, CEO @myhairltd.


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