MyHair Career Woman is a publication by MyHair Ltd to celebrate tenacious, beautiful women that are breaking barriers, excelling in their careers and living out their dreams.

Working with Jane on this shoot was extremely rewarding. She took it from 0 to 100. Her high spirit never let down until we got all the perfect shots. Jane is a strong, resilient and beautiful woman all rolled up in one. You can see determination and a twinkle in her eyes when she believes in something. Her artistic mind and creativity bursts beyond the seemingly quiet lady she appears to be.

MyHair is a luxury hair and beauty company with a passion for beautiful, timeless weaves and wigs that are delicately hand-made to suit the needs of every discerning client.

MyHair Career Woman journey has taken off and I indulge you to read through and tell us what you think by dropping us an email at Thank you for starting this journey with us.

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